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I started this website under a different name in high school but changed it to Sirenia Designs. While ‘sirenia’ is not a real word, it reminds me of the word ‘serene’, which is how I want this website to be seen. For the time being, I will not add any new graphics but I will work on adding new Photoshop images to my portfolio, as well as my Photoshop projects for school. The descriptions in the Layouts section were written prior to me attending school for Public Relations, so please don’t judge the grammar, spelling or wording as my current level of writing. I have made the decision to leave everything as-is to preserve the website. If you do wish to view my writing samples, feel free to visit either of my two blogs by going back to the Portfolio Menu. Happy browsing!


Oct. 13, 2012 New Marilyn Monroe wallpaper added. What do you think?


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